The Championships: Wimbledon is a prestigious tennis competition in London. Attendees and competitors come from all around the world. Because of this, Wimbledon will be needing maps and wayfinding icons, in addition to rebranding with a new icon. For individuals arriving at Heathrow airport, the goal is to create a map showing how to get to Wimbledon through two different forms of transportation: car and public transportation. The visitors will also need a campus map, showing them how to get from parking lots or public transportation, to event locations.


The Wimbledon logo celebrates important aspects about The Championships. It includes a green tennis court for the club’s unique grass courts, the union jack for its location in the United Kingdom, and the color purple, a color associated with royalty throughout history, for its royal patronage.

The icons imitate the motion and shape of the logo. The human figures for the event icons are slanted to feel as if they are running through the court. The icons for transportation bleed out of the box to feel as if the vehicle is coming into frame. To differentiate between ladies and gentlemen, inspiration was taken from universally understood bathroom icons. For those the men have broader shoulders and the women have dresses, this design abstracts these shapes with triangles.

The maps are designed to be highly simplified. Instead of showing the true geography of the location, the paths are just straight lines with 45°/90° turns. For the large map, the directions for the road way only vaguely follow the true shape of the freeways. This was designed with the assumption that drivers don’t necessarily notice curves in the road, instead they just need to know if they are turning right or left or continuing on the same road. The railways are just lines, based on the assumption that riders only need to know their stop. For the small map, the intention was the get visitors from parking or Southfield’s Station to events, so these are the only thing depicted on the map. The streets bordering All England Club are darker than the rest since these will lead people to the location, however side streets are included for anyone approaching from a different direction