Up & Up

Up & Up is one of largest in-house brands of any store. It is a brand under Target corporation that contains approximately 800 different products, including colored pencils. Currently, the art supplies are similar to simpler competitors, such as Crayola, that offer a set of a variety of colors. With this design, the brand is transitioning to connect to fine art brands, such as Prismacolor, by offer a set of 6 different eight-color palettes. Each box and set is distinct while still connecting together as a cohesive brand.


packaging. Up & Up colored pencils are marketed towards children. More specifically, the packaging should attract parents, who represent the majority of shoppers at Target. The colors used for the sets use bright palettes, which catch the attention of children, and are similar to colors found in other things that children enjoy such as toys or playgrounds. It was also important to keep a high level of contrast between the different boxes so each set seemed unique. The colors were also especially meant to represent the pencils in each set. For example, “Art & School” uses yellow which relates to the #2 pencil, school buses, and other products that have connotations of elementary school.

logos. As a creative product for children, the logos are meant to spark imagination. Each box features a different logo all following the same style and the same theme of “things that go up.” This can be used to further bring excitement from children and their parents, since many kids might have interest in things like superheroes, helicopters, space, etc. This way, even if they don’t have a preference in a set of colors, they may still find a reason to purchase the set. Up & Up is also a sub-brand of Target so even though the set has its own logo style each illustration features the iconic Target bullseye.