Omnia connects multiple social media platforms into a single app. Currently, there are social media manager apps that allow you to manage posting to multiple accounts but Omnia does so much more. It has Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat and allows users to post, view other’s posts, watch stories, and use a chat.


As a new app, Omnia requries a new brand identity and app interface. To make Omnia preferable to other social media options, the interface needs to allow users to navigate through all of their accounts with ease. The app should clearly differentiate between posts from different platforms.


logo + brand. Omnia is branded to be an amalgamation of a variety of different apps. It is powerful enough to be the only app that a person will need. This is represented with the logo mark of the infinity symbol. A person can spend an endless amount of time on the app and the platforms included in the app feels like an infinite amount. The colors of the Omnia brand are kept to black and white, pushing it into the background so that focus is kept on the brands of the social media.

user interface. The design of posts on the app is intended to keep a uniform look while also making it very clear where a post is from. Each social media platform has its unique brand color, which is included on the bottom of posts or in a stroke around profile pictures to make them all recognizable at a glance. The logo of each platform is also included in a similar style to Omnia’s identity, allowing for clear identification if colors are obscured on a phone or someone struggles with color blindess.

user experience. The way the posts are laid out on the home screen is inspired by Pinterest. Users follow hundreds of different accounts on social media and this view allows them to see many posts at once and casually look for the posts that catch their interest. If they only want to browse certain social media posts, there is a filter to allow them to remove any platforms from their feed. If a user wants to browse each post more closely, they can tap on a post and it will fill the screen. Then, similar to Snapchat, if they tap or swipe one side of the screen it will navigate to the next post in their feed.