Harboring Innovation

Eastern Communication Association (ECA) promotes excellence in research, teaching, criticism, and communication theory. The association hosts an annual convention, with a different city and a different theme each year.


In 2020 the ECA Conference is in Baltimore where innovation, start-ups, and technology flourish. ECA named their 111th conference “Harboring Innovation” as a play on the location at Inner Harbor, a popular Baltimore sightseeing hub. This year, like every other, the convention requires a unique logo mark to represent the event.


logo mark. Similar to the name of the convention, the logo combines the seaside location with the innovation in Baltimore. A circuit board celebrates the contributions Baltimore has made to the software and hardware industry while also representing interconnectedness, one of the goals of the ECA Conference, the circuit board transitions into being a dock on the right side of the icon, representing the harbor. Both are described as a hub, one for technology and business and the other for tourism, respectively. The boats are an essential part of the icon to make it clear that the shape of the circuit board is a dock. It also intends to further promote the convention’s goal to connect people together. The boats traveling to Inner Harbor could come from anywhere but connect at this one location, just like the vendors and attendees.

colors. The two colors continue to support these ideas. Green is used for the common color of circuit boards but have a turquoise hue. This, in combination with the dark blue, makes the logo look nautically themed while also keeping a professional appears.

typography. The type pairs a heroic font for “INNOVATION” that visually matches the circuit board with a cursive style that looks like it would be the name painted on the side of a ship.