The Handi-Van is a bus service run by the City & County of Honolulu for individuals who cannot take the regular bus service, qualifying based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Currently, users call a number 1 to 3 days before their ride to make a reservation. The Handi-Van services include reserving a ride via phone call, rider alerts through a certain website, and a separate page for tracking your reserved ride. Each service is separate, so this prototype imagines them brought together into one app.


The Handi-Van’s branding mainly reflect the design of the vehicles so the main colors of the app are the two shades of blue and the white seen on the van. For the same reason, wave swashes appear in certain places, which adds a feeling of the ocean surrounding Hawaii. In contrast, rider alerts are a bright yellow, so users know if something will affect their commute.

The font selected for the app was chosen for the thickness and glyphs that most closely matched the style of the logo. Throughout the app the main style used is bold. Because the audience of The Handi-Van qualify based on the ADA, this may include sight-impaired users. The boldness, largeness of the text, and high contrast of black text on a white background are used to help with readability.

In consideration for the audience, the app is designed to be accessible. The app opens on the Upcoming Rides page where the user can navigate to Rider Alerts (by tapping on the alert at the top), see their reservations, track a ride (by tapping on the ride listing), and schedule a new ride. This should shorten the amount of actions required to reach any goal. If any part of this is unclear, “MENU” is clearly typed in the top left corner to lead users to other pages that they may need. Every page is intended to have no scrolling to avoid any information being lost, punctuating with added weight at the bottom from a button or a blue box. For scheduling a ride, many apps for buses or ride sharing rely on payment via credit card, but currently The Handi-Van only accepts cash. This option is kept in the app for users who aren’t yet able to transition to a bank card.