First American Home Loans

First American Home Loans is a California-based company that offers services for home owners such as mortgage refinancing.


First American Home Loans wants to modernize their website to reach more customers. The main target audience of this company are homeowners near the age of retirement. The new website should target this group and represent the company as trustworthy and experienced, important traits for companies working with finances.


Screenshots of two pages from the First American Home Loans website.

The two main goals of the First American Home Loan’s website are to share information and to reach potential new clients, with the latter being priority. On the home page, above the fold there are call to action buttons for “Learn More” and “Get Started,” making it as easy as possible to direct a user in a way that meets the client’s needs. The client’s brand colors, blue and orange, are used throughout the website to enhance brand recognition. Orange, being the brighter color that attracts more attention, is used to any call to action buttons that take priority.

In this website, photography became an important element. As a company that deals with finances, it is important to cultivate a sense of trust. Because photography is usually a glance at the real world, it can make the brand seem more genuine. In addition, it can make it clear without reading what services they offer. The photos will include Orange County-style homes and people of an older age, which would branch a connection to the target user. For their “About Us” page, real photos of employees will be used to clearly communicate that clients will be meeting with real people.

Icons from First American Home Loans that are colored white on a blue background

icons. Custom icons were created for the website to communicate at a glance the services that First American Home Loans wants clients to get excited about. The company’s identity has curved lines with a lot of motion, so this style is referenced in the icons.