American Swedish Historical Museum

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their backgrounds at the American Swedish Historical Museum, located in South Philadelphia, PA. The displays in the museum celebrate the culture and history of Sweden, Scandinavia, and Swedish-Americans. There is a variety of examples of Scandinavian culture including architecture, furniture, design, and more.


The American Swedish Historical Museum has a new audience: teachers who teach art. A re-branded brochure include important information about the museum, including a map, while also capturing the attention of this audience.


style. The style of the branding is heavily inspired by the geometric style of Swedish design. The blue and yellow in the color palette is drawn from the Swedish flag. Because the American Swedish Historical Museum’s goal is to allow everyone to celebrate their cultural heritage, the branding isn’t purely focused on Sweden. The additional red in the color palette is drawn from other flags in Scandinavia, specifically Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. Red, white, and blue also represents the United States, half of the identity of Swedish Americans. The mosaic style relates to the coming together of multiple cultures in America and Scandinavia. However, the color palette stays Sweden, which is the only country to use yellow.

The illustrative style of the collateral with the bright colors is also meant to appear child-friendly. With consideration to the target audience, the design is straight-forward and professional enough to work as a map, but fun enough to add show teachers that the location has exciting art and design that children will be intrigued by.

map. The isometric layout of the map allows for all parts of the venue to be visible. The location is small and it adds visual interest. Red, a color that stands out and is often used for emergency items, is reserved for elevators and stairways. These items are important for getting around and for evacuation scenaries.

brochure. The brochure uses a gateway fold. The American Swedish Historical Museum has large double doors leading to the grand hall, so the layout visually references this. It also represents the museum welcoming you in, relating to Sweden, which is said to encourage great hospitality.