aimee designs

hello and welcome

My name is Aimee Bowen and I am a UI/UX designer based in Honolulu, HI. I have loved creating things since I was a child and now I am passionate about problem solving for the benefit of others. Creating products designed to improve the lives of others is what I’m really excited about. I graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California in May 2020 with two degrees: BFA in Graphic Design and BS in Computer Information Systems. If you need design consultation for a website, an app, your brand, or something else, feel free to contact me.

how do i approach design?

I believe design should take you somewhere.

“Somewhere” could be the restaurant you see in the advertisement at the store or the future company that you just made a new logo for.

I am someone who is always finding different ways to get to places, experimenting with driving, biking, and public transportation, and I especially love my bike. When I want to bike somewhere regularly, I experiment with a few routes before I finally find the one that I take every time. The first route is very rarely the best one. Designing, for me, is the same. The first sketch isn’t perfect but I keep going until I find the design, like my bike path, that can be used everyday.

To simplify my creative process, my belief is that to create something good, you have to start by creating something. This idea can be found in everything I create. I took up acrylic painting when I was younger and I always began with blotches of indistinct figures. Gradually, I would add more and more detail, sometimes changes the background color two or three times, until the image became recognizable to anyone.

This agile thinking is partly inspired by my experience with computer programming, where you often have to pave your way through error codes. I realize the logic and semicolons in code and the creativity and vectors of design seem so different but I love what the two have in common. I am a problem solver. I love creatively working through a problem, whether the solution is a program or a logo. Either way, I end up creating something that a person—the audience—can use.

That is always the goal. I keep in mind the target audience and create something that is useful to them. When I consider a cyclist, their route has to safely take them to where they want to go. When I tried my hand at painting, my end goal was to create something that the viewer could recognize. Like a computer program, design is functional. It should take you somewhere.